We are building boats for more than 38 years.
Thousands of our boats keep sailing giving to their owners endless hours of pleasure and happiness.
Out aim is to continue offering to the market high quality and technically perfect boats.
To achieve that we combine many factors such us modern design , advanced technology , traditional methods of boat building and quality control in all manufacturing stages.

ALL POSEIDON BOATS are CE certified (Category B or C).


DEDICATED FACILITIES. We have special designed facilities meeting the strictest standards of fiberglass boat building.
RAW MATERIALS.Only high quality marine resins, fiberglass and ISO NPG GEL coats approved by lloyd’s are used.
HAND LAY UP.Our fiberglass production employees are the most experienced boat builders.

TESTING EVERY PART OF THE BOAT. Part of the production procces is to weigh every part of the boat(Hull, Deck, etc).This phase is essential in order to reassure the same level of quality and same technical charateristics.
SPECIAL STRINGER SYSTEM. We laminate to the hull a superior stringer system that provides a solid foundation for all of our boats.
HULL-TO-DECK JOINT. Bonded with an adhesive sealant and secured with fasteners to provide a strong water tight union. ACCESSORIES. Only the best accessories are used to our boats.

INOX ACCESSORIES. All stainless steel accessories are for marine use 316 L.rails are welded. UPHOLSTERY. Styled and fabricated in house using marine grade materials. QUALITY CONTROL. An exhaustive inspection procedure during and after the manufacturing progress is conducted on every boat we build . Our quality control process has been ISO 9001 CERTIFIED. ENVIROMENT. Our company has been ISO 14001 CERTIFIED.

As a testament to the confidence we have in the boats we build we guarantee every POSEIDON BOAT for a period of 5 years.