The most important factor for a boat's durability, reliability and longevity are the facilities in which it is built. It is no coincidence that all classification societies, in the first chapter of their specifications, define their requirements for the facilities (premises, humidity, temperatures, storage of raw materials, etc.) and as long as they are met, the boat's strength calculation is followed. Our company follows strictly these specifications.

Our facilities consist of a modern building complex, built according to Fiberglass shipbuilding specifications. In the sections where the Fiberglass is applied, there are special air heaters that keep constant the temperature and humidity of the space constantly. The assempling and final finishing part is in absolute order and the production process that we are following is the result of our long-term experience as well as of the knowledge we are constantly acquiring from the shipyards with which we cooperate abroad. 2007 was the year that we expanded our building facilities by 2800m ,reaching the 5500m of total covered space.